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About Me

My name is Guna Andersone and I am originally from Latvia, but love brought me to the Netherlands. As we all seek to find happiness and a sense of purpose in life, one day, I decided I wanted to achieve more for myself. I realized that my job was paying the bills, but yet was unfulfilling, and left my soul feeling empty. I had no dreams or goals, I was just getting by. And that is when I happened to fall in love with Photography! I started learning as much as I could about photography and realized it was less about the concept, or reasoning behind the image, and more about the creation of the aesthetic value of the image, thus the birth of my Fine Art Photography. I don't particularly have one style, the object of my images, the environment, and even my mood determines the final result. 

Art prints available at

Society6 (USA, prints and interior articles)

Werkaandemuur.(Europa, prints)

Displate  (metal posters)

More about GM Studio you can find on my Facebook page

Contact Me

Tilburg 5037

the Netherlands

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